Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Last night Kevin Hayden posted at The American Street an item called "The nation must be kinky". After comparing the unsuccessful investigations against Clinton with the many going on now of the Bush administration, he writes "Which has earned the majority of the nation's trust of Bush's leadership in foreign policy. I can only conclude the nation is tolerant of a blowjob or two but they're absolutely eager to take it up the butt, repeatedly. Who knew?" I had to reply with this comment:

"Another example of liberal hypocrisy!! While leftists condemn Our Noble Leader's support for the vitally needed Marriage For Opposites Only Amendment, when the public doesn't follow their lead on every other issue, liberals resort to "waving the lavender flag". Just because you don't like it that way doesn't make it fair to call the masses who do "kinky". Is this cruel leftist hate speech the result of frustration over not getting your way?

"For a fictional portrayal of how we really may live in the future, read Lawrence Sanders' "The Tomorrow File". This was almost his last attempt at a serious novel before the misunderstood writer resigned himself to trivial mysteries. It describes an authoritarian America, turning into a corporate state, by means such as phony attacks by terrorists spreading disease by mail. One tool they are developing is an addictive "ultimate pleasure pill" for the public, based on a theory that this works best when the masses are in a slave relationship to the government. Isn't it elitist to condemn those who want to live like dairy cattle being milked, if that is what they enjoy most?"

[Side note: Blogger's spellcheck claims that "blowjob" is incorrect, and suggests "plosive" instead. Considering the aptness of the definition of that word, perhaps everyone should go along with this. Henceforth refer to The Clenis getting "plosives" from Monica, and then after she was gone, missing her "ex-plosives". This should preclude weird search results for your web site by surfers for genuine kinkiness. Thus memes are born.]

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