Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Grover said to Bill The Cat, "Drown me a child."
Bill said "Grove, now you're just talkin' too wild."
Grove said "Now!" Bill said "Why?"
Grove said "When you run for the White House, I
Will make sure the big money boys give you no more."
Bill said "Where'd you like me to do this chore?"
Grove said "Do it on the Senate floor."

Judge Jan Brown lived in perilous times
Fighting the godless and their willful crimes
Denouncing the culture she openly yearned
For the early days when all witches were burned
Humanists might not like that any more
But they'd learn just what those stakes were for
If she could win on the Senate floor.

Now Karl Rove the guru was quite amused
By amateurs wond'ring how to light the fuse
He said "Kids, here's the tool that we'll use.
Put TVs in churches and spread this ruse.
We'll stir up the preachers and make them sure
That the final battle of holy war
Will be fought out on the Senate floor."

Nevada Harry was a fetus fan
Who dissembled 'til he devised a plan
For a "compromise" to let some judges in
Who agreed that abortion was still a sin.
For this his name later would live in lore
Of his misleading those who allowed his score
Done in plain sight on the Senate floor.

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