Wednesday, May 24, 2006


...of postings have been largely nonexistent, though one commenter claimed I am "not gone, but only sleeping until needed again, much like her personal friend Cthulhu". I do not admit that acquaintance; surely Richard Perle is ominous enough.

The old order is indeed passing before our very eyes. Continuing to chronicle the conspirings crumbling the country's quaint delusions is redundant. While to paraphrase Marilyn's husband, "Lip service must be paid", let the front men do so. I have no patience to pretend anything like a "democratic republic" exists here, and welcome our new overlords (of whom, as a stockholder, I am theoretically one myself).

However, sometimes a particularly pathetic pandering piques my palate to post appropriate put-downs. Today I was provoked to such a posting upon American Street (which sadly seems to have no longer even a token representative of far righteousness among its regulars), which you may peruse at Une Proposition Modeste. I promise nothing further, and shall deliver it in abundance.

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