Saturday, September 03, 2005


Frustrated without The Clenis still in power to feel their pain, the appropriately named (for a post about the Big Easy) oyster of Your Right Hand Thief, who An old soul reports was one of the fortunate ones able to flee with their family from the deluge and chaos, vents in Blaming the Victims:
I mean, jeezm, what's next? Will Grace Slick advise us that cities built on rock'n roll are less flood-prone than ones built on jazz?!
Well, let's see, her greatest hit (back before her second group achieved escape velocity and changed their name) was probably this one, so perhaps we should expect something like this:
Somebody To Blame

When promised busses
never come,
And the toilets
all fill with scum,
Don't you want somebody to blame?
Don't you need somebody to blame?
Wouldn't you love somebody to blame?
You better find somebody to blame.

When city maps no longer
show the shores,
And diabetics start to
loot drug stores,
Won't you point at pols that you blame?
Cast a vote 'gainst pols that you blame?
Find a scapegoat to take all the blame?
Tar and feather somebody to blame.

Copters finally lift
you from your roof,
But the warnings never moved you
and you just can't face the truth;
You who stayed need others to blame.
The dismayed want someone to blame.
The waders cry for someone to blame.
So pass the buck to someone to blame.

Tears are filling
up your streets to meters deep.
Lefties claim that it's
'cause the Prez was too cheap.
No one there deserves any blame.
Not one local earned any blame.
Look up above for someone to blame,
And when he flies by give him the blame.

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