Thursday, December 11, 2003

The story is in Mauled senator speaks out. In Australia "Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett admits he doesn't remember abusing and manhandling Liberal senator Jeannie Ferris in an alcohol-fuelled rage ... Asked whether Senator Bartlett should now resign, the South Australian Senator simply shakes her head ... Senator Ferris, 62, was left "frightened, intimidated" and with a bruised arm last week after she requested the Democrats leader return five bottles of wine he had taken from a Liberal Christmas party. She blamed the "lethal combination" of late nights, stress and alcohol for his behaviour, which included chasing her across the chamber as she told him to "get away, get away from me"." Why Liberals would have even been celebrating Christmas I do not know, but Bartlett went way too far in trying to imitate the former leader of our U.S. Democrats. At least the Clenis never bruised his trailer trash paramours.

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