Sunday, December 14, 2003

Several Evil Leftists tried to warn their followers about me when I first started publishing on the web at my old site, especially Dohiyi Mir, the Magpie (who now does most of her posting at Pacific Views), and skippy the bush kangaroo. Their efforts failed because silly liberals have such 'satiable curiosity, and visited me anyway just to see for themselves. I thank those foolish early linkers for helping to lure more unsuspecting leftists into my clever trap.

My readers, of course, being genuinely compassionate conservatives in the Nietzschean sense ("The weak and the failures shall perish: first principle of our love of man. And they shall even be given every possible assistance."), will agree with me that new bloggers starting out should be discouraged from the very start by getting no visitors at all -- if they are fuzzy minded liberals. Several such newbie would-be Eschatons are trying out their blog legs by entering this week's New Weblog Showcase. Let's try and drive them off the web in despair by not going to look at any of these entries:Shun all of these. Kill their hope of future visits by ignoring them to death, and help keep the web safe for all of us proudly righteous reactionaries.

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