Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The NY Daily News writes in Birth of new Letterman that "he'll be coming off his best November ratings period in seven years, moving his closest to Jay Leno's NBC "Tonight Show" in almost a decade (1 rating point less than Leno's 5.4)." They attribute this to "a month of very strong shows". Hogwash. Here's the real truth: he's being pushed up in the ratings by the usual liberal plotters. They're just trying to get back at Leno because he's now becoming just as fair and balanced as Fox News.

One of them writes in The Right Comic "for some time now, Leno has been leaning right and going soft on President Bush, judging by jokes on The Tonight Show. ... He needed a new shtick. Leno found one: siding with the Bush administration no matter what the circumstances. ... Today, the Clinton gibes continue on The Tonight Show, and the Bush jokes are still few and far between. That's made Leno a favorite on the lucrative corporate master-of-ceremonies circuit since so many CEOs tilt Republican."

That article also makes their deeper motive clear. Incredibly, the liberals still want revenge because Jack Paar was booted off the air after "his embracement of Castro and friendship with the Kennedys". I mean, was I even born yet? They never get over anything, whether it's Florida elections three years ago, or decades old censorship. Good riddance, and let's all be sure to watch Jay and help his righteous Republican ratings.

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