Thursday, December 11, 2003

You say you doubt that Old Europe really just loves to wallow in sin? Read Porn star eyes Brussels election (complete with a protuberant photo). "Porn queen Dolly Buster wants to branch out into politics and become a Euro MP. The Czech-born star, whose real name is Katja-Nora Bochnickova, says she wants to stand as a candidate for the European Parliament. ... The porn star, who has starred in hundreds of X-rated films on her way to becoming one of the biggest names in the European porn industry, has promised her election campaign would be based on "contact with people". ... Her career as a novelist has seen her write books which follow a German porn-star-turned-amateur-sleuth heroine named Lilly DeLight as she solves murders bumbling police officers cannot get to grips with." Two of her paperbacks (Tiefenschaerfe and Alles echt) are listed on Amazon as "out of stock". One reviewer wrote in An unlikely Agatha Christie "Buster says her sexual energies are being channelled into her writing. "Which is not to say sex is no longer important to me," she adds quickly. "Sex is eternal and unchanging. Sex will always be what it always has been -- an erotic interplay between two people. Or three or four. Or more."" This should liven up the legislators.

This is not an isolated incident on the Decadent Continent. Ilona Staller was an Italian porn star, known as Cicciolina ("cuddles"). In 1987 she was elected to Parliament in Italy as the candidate of the libertarian Partito Radicale, and served five years, advocating "absolute sexual freedom including the right to sex in prisons." In 1991, she "offered to have sex with both George Bush Sr. and Sadaam Hussein to prevent the impending Gulf War." Another web site, with a truly laughable "English" translation, says "The love for the nature pushed Ilona, as a politician, to propose an ecological tax on cars, trying to limitate the smog dangers." In 2002 she tried to run for Parliament in her native Hungary. That time she "failed to collect enough signatures in her district to qualify as a candidate". She blamed sabotage by the established parties, at a news conference where she also said ""I am here not showing my breasts. Now I am speaking about poor people so it is not necessary – not because I don't have beautiful breasts ... even now," she said, pausing momentarily to massage her breasts through her tight white tank top. "But it's not necessary showing because poor people have no interest in my breasts."" Altruism and oral sex -- the Clenis would have loved her.

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