Tuesday, January 06, 2004

According to MP calls Radio 4 listeners 'bastards' over vigilante vote, "Listeners to BBC Radio 4's Today programme were asked to suggest a piece of legislation to improve life in Britain, with the promise that an MP would then attempt to get it onto the statute books. But yesterday, 26,000 votes later, the winning proposal was denounced as a "ludicrous, brutal, unworkable blood-stained piece of legislation" - by Stephen Pound, the very MP whose job it is to try to push it through Parliament. Mr Pound's reaction was provoked by the news that the winner of Today's "Listeners' Law" poll was a plan to allow homeowners "to use any means to defend their home from intruders" - a prospect that could see householders free to kill burglars, without question. "The people have spoken," the Labour MP replied to the programme, "... the bastards. ... Do we really want a law that says you can slaughter anyone who climbs in your window?"" Why yes, that's exactly what we do want. Trust a liberal to claim they are for democracy, then back down when he doesn't like the results. Yes, the voting was obviously "hijacked by supporters of Tony Martin, the Norfolk farmer who was jailed for shooting a burglar. The winning proposal enjoyed a late surge in support in the final 24 hours of the poll", but hey, if organizing over the internet is good for Howard Dean, then why not for those of us who get all hot and bothered over firearms?

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