Sunday, January 18, 2004

Who knew? One of the heroes of all far right thinking Americans, a principal architect of the wonderful new doctrine of Preemptive Self Defense (TM), the Prince of Darkness himself, is an author!! "Richard Perle's out-of-print 1992 novel, "Hard Line," is notable for its chastity. There is no sex at all -- which is merciful, since this is the most thinly veiled of romans clef. ... But it prefigures, in detail, the Bush administration's rationale for the invasion of Iraq. ... It describes an imaginary arms-control summit in Helsinki, where Waterman/Perle prevents the dim, genial, and unnamed president (Reagan right down to the California ranch and the 3x5 cue cards) from being suckered by the Soviets." Of course we'll have to excuse his youthful prosaic license in dumbing down the sainted Ronald just to make his protagonist look good. He does focus on the real enemy. ""And do we get to screw the exalted Department of State?" "Whenever possible." "Then it's irresistible."" Just ignore the columnist's snarking in passing at the soft core S and M in Newt Gingrich's novel ("Tell me or I will make you do terrible things."), and enjoy the review at Perle's pulp fiction.

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