Sunday, January 18, 2004

Good conservative Americans have been embarassed by the failure of our law enforcement organizations to protect those noble delegates meeting here for globalization conferences in Seattle and Miami. Of course the liberals have the gall to claim the failure was in not protecting the protesters from what in 1968 was termed "a police riot". Those bleeding hearts even stole a perfectly good conservative insult like "globaloney" and misused it for their own purposes. Now we have a chance to see how the other half wits live. One hundred thousand deluded fools have been meeting at the World Social Forum, appropriately among the slums of India, to gushing reports from the usual suspects, like Amnesty International [sic]. Notice there are no riots, no looting, no violence at all. Why would the radicals disrupt their own? But the lefties show their hypocrisy when they are the ones in control. Half a hundred activists in wheelchairs showed up holding candles to chant "Shame, shame, shame" for not helping the handicapped even more. Guess they've got bare feet of clay in Mumbai.

They got in plenty of licks though, unleashing a leftist prize winning writer, Arundhati Roy, to curse The Great Satan Bush in what she hoped were scathing terms, saying "she hoped President George W Bush would share the fate of the captured Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. "If Saddam Hussein deserves to be humiliated and have his fillings counted and his hair checked for lice on primetime TV, then so does George Bush ... Saddam Hussein surely ought to be tried for crimes against humanity. But so should all his accomplices in the US and Europe," she said. "To applaud the US army's capture of Saddam Hussein and therefore justify its invasion and occupation of Iraq is like deifying Jack the Ripper for disembowelling the Boston Strangler," Roy said." Later in this same Times of India story the reporter reveals how typically disorganized these sewer-eyed idealists are. Roy's words were not even said to the WSF itself, but to a splinter group at "'Mumbai Resistance', an alternative convention in Bombay of around 2,000 leftists who view the World Social Forum as too moderate." The mind boggles.

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