Friday, February 27, 2004

Once again, the advice of "Deep Throat" during Watergate merits attention. Why the sudden flood of advocacy for gay marriage? The surprising answer is buried in "An Unusual Love Story". The writer is talking about those two perverse gay penguins at the Central Park Zoo, who mated, built a nest, and hatched an egg given them by the zookeepers. But way down the page he says this: "(As an aside, isn't S.F. mayor Gavin Newsom a genius? By allowing gays to marry, not only is he sending a powerful civil rights message, but every one of those gay couples had to buy a marriage license. At $83 a pop, Newsom has added almost $400,000 to the strapped civic treasury—money that certainly won't be refunded when President Bush amends the Constitution to do something no reasonable compassionate conservative would ever do: Make it less protective of individual freedom and personal liberty rather than more)."

That clears it up totally. Local and state governments, strapped for cash because of declining revenues, don't have the guts to raise taxes or to cut those bleeding heart giveaways to the poor, so they are jumping on this bandwagon of a whole new source of revenue -- sell gay marriage licenses. Soon they'll start selling other absurd things, like hunting licenses to pacifists and butcher's licenses to vegetarians. Anything to fill their treasuries so they can spend more on liberal nonsense. Where will it end?

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