Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The notorious California State Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, a Democrat from San Francisco (of course), has introduced a bill to fan the flames of populist hatred of the rich by banning foie gras. Although he claims this is because of the cruelty involved in force feeding the geese to fatten their livers, he reveals the real truth at the end of "Foie gras flap spreads": ""I've eaten foie gras," he added. "It ain't my cup of tea."" Clearly this just shows how unfamiliar he is with it. Here's a clue, John -- if you're trying to drink it, you're not eating it correctly. Once again a liberal's personal prejudice is to be made the law, just to make people with taste suffer. If this bill (and a similar one in New York) passed, the only source for this delicacy would be imports from France. Is PETA getting money from the appeasers of Vieille Europe? Call Washington and tell Republican U.S. Senate leader Frist The Cat that he needs to start a federal investigation now.

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