Tuesday, February 10, 2004

More proof that Senator Santorum was right about the dire consequences of legal sodomy. Two male penguins in a zoo, no doubt having been told about the rulings by the Supreme Courts of the U.S. and of Massachusetts, have mated and are having gay sex. Worse, the zoo has encouraged gay adoptions by giving them an egg to hatch, according to "Central Park Zoo's gay penguins ignite debate". We should look at this as an opportunity for science. If this new baby penguin grows up to be gay like its "parents", then we'll know that homosexuality is a choice, not an echo of the genes. That would of course make all good reactionaries feel validated in their banning of gay sex, or at least the banning of gay sex among animals, or something like that. Leftists, in their usual unnatural way, misunderstood this opportunity. Instead, vile Liberal Coalition member Scout at And Then was inspired to start a campaign for a "Gay Penguin for President", even posting some sample ads. Go see how bizarre the literal animal lovers can get.

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