Thursday, February 05, 2004

For those with any doubts left, consider this example of web site graffiti, pointed out by the infamous TBOGG. Senator Bill Frist, following the great Republican tradition of family values, wrote a book, "Good People Beget Good People: A Genealogy of the Frist Family". Vicious left wing radicals have taken advantage of its listing on Amazon to leave their scent marks all over this one. Just in case the Amazon people get complaints and rightly take down these examples of liberal cheap shots from its Amazon page, I feel it my duty to preserve the evidence of lefty mean spiritedness with a few quotes.

Under "Our Customers' Advice" some radicals have proposed also reading "Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook" (which shows the stupid liberals are confusing Frist with his Republican colleague Senator Santorum) and Phillips's "American Dynasty" (a slanted cheap shot at the Bush family). Comments made under "All Customer Reviews" include this one: "Frist explains the intricacies of human reproduction in a way sure to confound, bedevil, and infuriate his natural constituency of Tennessee creationists. Good job, Bill." Another, showing again the liberal insistence on Nazi references to Republicans, is: "I rate this book five tortured and slaughtered kitties out of a possible five. It's sure to win the Mengele Eugenics Award at The New Republic's Gala Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Publication of "The Bell Curve"!"

In fact, ALL of the reviews posted now are by left wing snipers. Good conservatives should go add their own praise to this parade of attacks, just to show how much we really do love the good old boy from the big hospital chain. (No, you don't actually have to prove you've really read the book by taking a test. Use your imagination, just like these awful liberals did.)

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