Thursday, February 19, 2004

While Rove dithers about whether Bush should excite the base with intense support for a federal anti-gay marriage amendment, or play it cool so as not to offend mealy mouthed "tolerant" soccer moms, here's one idea for an ally he can enlist in the fight. Some scientists have come up with a new formula for predicting the likelihood of divorce by couples. This is useful in itself. If Bush really wants to insist on his version of family values, knowing who was likely to divorce could allow him to force those people to undergo anti-divorce "reeducation", much like in the totally misunderstood "A Clockwork Orange". But that's a long range ideal. For the immediate task of fighting the advocates of gay marriage, another finding from this study is really good news, even though this article in Nature doubts that. They're just being too short-sighted. In "Maths predicts chance of divorce" the author writes "He also has bad news for the defenders of traditional family values: gay and lesbian couples, as well as heterosexual couples that do not marry, hold on to the positive value of courtship better than straight partners who get hitched, he says." Here's why this actually should cheer Rove. Obviously, if married gay couples would divorce less, there would be less money for divorce lawyers. Clearly Bush should be able to squeeze contributions from them like a sponge by pointing this out. This also gives him a way to begin splitting up the united front of anti-Republican trial lawyers. Go for it, George!

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