Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It is not enough for liberals to attack Our Noble Leader themselves. Now they have resorted to necromancy for their mud-slinging. Thanks to the soulful sisters at Interfaith Nunnery, we see that the Bard Of Avon himself has been resurrected and given a web site at The Wooden O, just so that he can snipe at our President, whom he belittles as "Prince Shrublet". He goes on insultingly "I never did make a play in which the King and the Fool were one and the same ... Think on it, gentles: Bottom, in his dream, made an emperor! Or Dogberry, from police constable, become a great man, prince of a nation. Such a play I could make!"

There is more of the same at "The Most Lamentable Comedy of King George II". One shudders at the prospect of his new work, perhaps ending with Bush, abandoned by his Secret Service agents as invading marshals from the International Criminal Court approach, shouting "A Hummer! My administration for a Hummer!" (On second thought, that would be more proper for a play about The Clenis.)

William's support of the Democratic rebels against the White House is surprising. He was notorious for loyalty to those in power, flattering the monarchy by prophecy in MacBeth, and spreading outright lies about their enemies in Richard III (best documented by Josephine Tey in The Daughter Of Time). Why would he jump the traces now? The answer is in the ancestry. ""Our research is not yet complete but my bet is that Kerry has more royal connections and that he is more noble than President Bush," said Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke's Peerage, a guide to the British aristocracy." This story is at "Royal genes may win Kerry the White House".

John Heinz-Kerry's party is desperately selling out their "common people" credentials to nominate the most royal relative available. Americans proudly reject such a "divine right of kings" in favor of the "divine right of Presidents". We will not be fooled by The Ketchup Consort's attempts to muddy the theological waters. Shakespeare himself pointed out (in The Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene 3) how even "The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose." So he did with James 2:14 at a campaign rally, as pointed out by Magpie.

Neither religiosity nor royalty will be enough. The Remake of JFK has already revealed his truly traitorous character. He has proven his disloyalty by turning against an old fraternity brother. Worse, he is running against his own cousin, even if it's only a 16th cousin, three times removed. The truth is he displays the kind of loving "family values" which Will himself portrayed so well in Titus Andronicus. But ancestral research reveals something even more frightening about that vile French speaker from the Hub.

"A respected Czech historian is claiming that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee may be a descendant of the great Rabbi Judah Loew ... who ... is said to have created the Golem to protect Prague's Jewish community from outside threats. The Golem, as legend has it, was a faithful servant until Loew was forced to drain the creature of its life force after it developed an ego and disobeyed its creator." That story ought to worry those who want to ride this donkey back to power. What if Loew's descendant also began to think for himself, instead of just taking orders from all those special interests like George Soros? If John-boy's not loyal to his own relatives, why trust his loyalty to his party?

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