Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The latest Gallup Poll should reassure conservatives who forgot that what goes up must come down. Bush is back ahead of Kerry by three points, and by five if Nader keeps on getting Republican money to stay in the race. (You can write Ralph and tell him how glad you are he is splitting the Democratic vote for us by using his web form HERE or just send email to info@votenader.org.) Don't despair when Our Noble Leader is behind. Both of them will keep bouncing up and down in the polls until The October Surprise finally settles things.

What may surprise many is another item from that poll. "Americans are generally split between viewing Bush as too conservative (38%) and about right (40%), while 15% consider him too liberal." Who, you may wonder, are those "extremist" 15%? Well, count me among them. It's not just the obvious things, like his huge deficit. (I know, it will cripple any future Democrat's ability to increase handouts to the non-rich, therefore helping keep wages low and profits high, but it's still distasteful, because it's something that liberals did for years. One hates to imitate them in any way.)

Bush also bothers some of us by the way he bends over backwards to appease the leftists here at home. Just today, he caved in to liberal pressure and agreed to let Condi testify in public and under oath before the 9-11 commission. This just encourages them by showing fear. Let the media scream. There'll shortly be an indictment in the Michael Jackson case, and they'll move on like a flock of birds from a telephone wire.

Despite this kind of cowering before the puffed-up Media, we still support The Only President We've Got. That should refute the radicals who claim he is a divider, not a uniter. Wait and see, even the currently silly whining Sullies of the right will fall into line this fall with our "Anybody But Kerry" campaign. Contrary to the old song, love will not bring us together, but mutual anger at liberals. The threat is just too great of being overruled again by the Left Coast on the west and the Left Behind Coast on the east.

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