Thursday, March 04, 2004

While small minds like Rove and Santorum obsess about the spreading rebellion of silly local governments actually performing gay marriages (which, in Jefferson's words, "neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket"), they are ignoring the real, ever growing threat of spouses using husbands as stalking horses to seize power for themselves, so that they can enact their Feminist Agenda. (I procured a copy of this, from an infiltrator I'll call "Deep Cigar", for just one day from the last administration. It began "1. Awake, 2. Get botox shot, 3. Do mercy hand relief of hubby, 4. Replace several staffers with female personal loyalists....")

Everyone knows about the always looming danger of the Oval Office In Exile operated by the Rodhamites. That callous carpetbagger is not alone. Like Black Widows, these psychic castraters realize the biological usefulness of not putting all their eggs in one web. More people are catching onto the equally insidious dreams of power by the Ketchup Queen whose whipped puppet has now effectively locked up the Demagogic nomination. But did you realize that her latest stalking horse is not the only male she has enthralled into doing her will?

I've heard several people say thankfully, "At least she can't become President herself, since she was born in Africa." They really believe that fool Orrin Hatch is just trying to help the new Governor of Californicatoria, by trying to amend the Constitution to allow naturalized citizens to seek the White House. I'm sure that's what she told Orrin, and he too was gullible enough to swallow the lie. Her true plan is obvious. Terry plans to be sitting in that office herself someday, speaking French and eating caviar, while she explains the country's first all-female cabinet by saying "It's just so hard to find a qualified man."

This virus of Hillaritus is spreading to other countries as well. "For weeks, Mexico has been abuzz with rumors that Marta Sahagun, Mexico's first lady, might run for president in 2006." She too is setting herself up to replace the drone she installed in their Presidential mansion when his term ends. In a column in Reforma, Denise Dresser writes "Sahagun has gone mad, plain and simple. ... Surrounded by an entourage of sycophants, Sahagun doesn't know how to measure the distance between who she is and who she believes she could be. ... That's the only way to explain why Vicente Fox is encouraging his wife's presidential aspirations instead of nipping them in the bud. She whispers in his ear that there's a conspiracy against both of them, and he believes her."

Yes, that imaginary "Evil Right Wing Cabal" seems to be at work south of the border as well. As the song says, "Into your life it will creep...." Read a translation of the whole column at "The First Lady Is Crazy", a title which would not even have been a news item at all in this country while The Clenis was in office.

Of course, she and the "twa ravens" sabotaging the U.S. had noted examples to work from, also from Latin America. That very confused dictator of Argentina, Juan Peron, who couldn't ever stop playing Hamlet to decide between helping workers or corporations (and paid for it by being removed), was a captive of two such Puppet Mistresses. The first, Eva, tried to become his Vice-President before her death. (She was later prettied up by lefty writers in a musical, which became a movie starring a proven left-winger. A more appropriate "magical realist" tale of what happened to her corpse can be found in the fascinating novel Santa Evita.) His second consort, Isabel, did become his Vice-President in a later term, then President herself after his death. It did not last long before she was kicked out too. The dangerous example set by these two is obviously still inspiring the Hillarys and their ilk, and the rest of the world -- or at least the male minority of the population -- may finally be replaced by real majority rule. Liberals, blindly suppporting "affirmative action", should love it.

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