Wednesday, March 17, 2004

As the nation continues to suffer the job losses caused by The Clenis's economic policies (carefully planned to happen only after he left office, so that She Who Must Not Be Named can run for President herself promising to restore Clintonian Happy Days), we may console ourselves that at least one more liberal has also had to hit the streets. In Portland, Oregon, Kevin Hayden, blogger of ReachM High Cowboy Network Noose and more recently The American Street, has had to start looking for work too. He therefore gives us the good news that his fiercely anti-Bush blogging may be in shorter supply for months to come. If you know of any jobs there, don't tell him about them. In a spirit of Good Riddance, this has inspired me to write a poem, in the style of that other sniping liberal, Mad Kane. Of course I myself naturally chose a noble patriotic poem as my model. You may go enjoy its inspired words at "On Dead Blog Sites".

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