Thursday, March 25, 2004

I seldom read Communist propaganda. Way back in prep school I knew that subjective value theory had undercut the basis of Marx's collectivist economics. Thus I probably would never have known about the Commissar's panning of me (see "Drawing Blood" below) if Gary Cruse of The Owner's Manual had not told me. Sharing my love of Wagner, and with a trait all too rare among fellow FreeRepublic readers, a sense of humor, he cited and linked to me, which I have reciprocated on the sidebar. (I also listed the Commissar there, but had to create a new category for him, since he is even more vile than the other leftists.) Exploring Gary's site cleared up another recent mystery for me.

Why was Michael Eisner kicked aside from the sole imperial throne at Disney? Was it just petty vengeance from Walt's not yet frozen descendants? Gary found the clue to the real truth. The world champion stock option gobbler embarassed all the stockholders by his gross appeasment of the artsy types, always a risk among Hollywrong executives. He failed to put down his foot and prevent the opening of a tasteless exhibit which exploited the company's chief icon to mock the pain of our victims of terrorism.

"A sculpture which features Mickey Mouse flying an aeroplane into the Twin Towers was unveiled today. ... The Twin Towers exhibit, entitled Mickey's Taliban Adventures, ... shows Disney's famous mouse flying a toy plane into foam-like recreations of the World Trade Centre. The buildings all have eyes to give them a surprised expression, while one of the towers has flames made of felt shooting out of it." You can read it all and see the hideous picture at "9/11 art takes the Mickey".

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