Tuesday, March 02, 2004

No doubt this was one of the proposed anti-Bush ads that Move-On decided not to accept for their contest, perhaps because it doesn't say anything about Hitler or Nazis. I'll only point out the philosophical flaw when this says Our Noble Leader has "the total combined intelligence of a wet sock and a mud brick". That is mixing apples and oranges, since it is no more possible to combine the minds of such different substances than it is to have a "marriage" between two people of the same gender. Don't try this at work, but if you want to see how juvenile liberals' sense of humor is, turn on your computer's sound and visit THIS SITE.

Liberals are such milquetoast amateurs when it comes to political dirty tricks. They think they make points just by mocking their betters, when all that does is overcome their own people with laughter so that they miss the mastodon sneaking into the capitol. A great example just appeared in Our Leader's home state of Texas. In Tarrant County (Fort Worth), the only contest for Judge in next week's Republican Primary pits black incumbent Wayne Salvant against a white challenger, Mike Deegan, who has just sent a postcard to Republican voters there. It features pictures of both, with the words "Tarrant County Voters -- ELECT a Judge that reflects your values", which are placed directly over the black Judge's picture.

Now here's where the silly liberals show their futile approach to dirty tricks. One obviously left-wing reporter, always trying to find the KKK under every rock, decided to mock Deegan in his column for making a racist appeal, which Deegan of course denies. Foolishly he interviewed that challenger, hoping to hang him with his own words. All that did was allow the candidate to explain the truth to the world.

"Deegan pointed to one of Salvant's mailings and claimed that it tries "to make people think that you're white when you're not." The Salvant mailing contains a quote supporting him from Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson. Anderson's photograph appears beside Anderson's quote. Deegan said voters might believe that Salvant is actually Anderson, who is white. Deegan said, "You could easily believe that was him. Why doesn't he put his own picture in there? I don't know." Many voters, Deegan added, are not informed enough to recognize that the photograph is of Anderson and not of Salvant." (You can read that whole column at "Candidate's mailing raises questions".)

Well, I'm certainly convinced by his explanation. Just like that profane web ad shows, liberals just don't know how to really use humor against their political foes. You've got to be nasty, as Karl will be demonstrating soon against John Heinz-Kerry.

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