Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Scouting out the latest liberal insanities for your amusement or outrage.

August J. Pollak passes along a reminder that tomorrow is the date for a truly silly liberal campaign of lese majesty, National "I'm Embarrassed by My President" Day.

And Then... shows typical liberal elitism in saying the voters are really bird brains.

Collective Sigh likewise cruelly mocks the artistic taste of supporters of Our Noble Leader, as shown by two wonderful fine art prints. (I recognize Dick on the tractor in the oil patch, Condi with the pitchfork, and Colin with what must be a manure shovel, but is that the two Bush girls on the fence in cutoffs?)

Whoever the woman is playing golf in that painting may have trouble this summer, according to Bertram Online, who alerts us to more Big Government interference resulting in an "Immigrant Labor Shortage Anticipated for Golf Courses". "I wept because I had no shoes, until I met a clubhouse pro who had no cheap greenskeepers."

Body and Soul condemns the growing attacks on young witches in Angola. "It's almost beyond imagining -- parents setting their own children ablaze or burying them alive, hanging, stoning, drowning children as young as 5", she writes in "Easy Evil". Her real agenda is shown in one line from the news story: "Some blamed the recent proliferation of fire-and-brimstone evangelical churches in Angola, whose apocalyptic vision of the universe -- and profit from exorcisms -- meshes nicely with an epidemic of witchcraft." She's not making a papist protest against protestants, but condemning capitalistic churches charging for their costs. What does she want instead? Socialized witch-hunting at the taxpayer's expense?

Magpie attempts to play on our emotions about the two women who were the lead plaintiffs in the Taxachusetts suit that brought gay marriage to that "Commonwealth". This is what they give as their excuse: "Then, one day when Annie was 5, the little girl heard the Beatles song "All You Need is Love" and began listing people she knew who loved one another. Julie and Hillary were not among them. "What about Ma and Mommy?" Hillary asked. "You two don't love each other," Annie said, adding: "If you loved each other, you'd be married."" As the movie says, "Makes you cry. Und I did."

Professor Kim's News Notes reports that another domino is falling. In England, both liberals and conservatives are backing a "civil unions" bill and actually chasing gay votes. Showing how shockingly different the social climate is there is this article: ""At the moment it is a question of (the Tories) dipping their toes in the water, and I'm not sure that gay electors will be skinny-dipping with [Conservative leader] Michael Howard just yet." At the last two elections research suggests nearly half the 'pink vote' backed Labour: around a third of gay electors voted Liberal Democrat, with only nine per cent for the Tories."

The Sideshow couldn't resist pointing to an attack on Mel Gibson's movie masterpiece by Garry Wills, sneering at simple believers who are less erudite than he: "My wife and I had to stop glancing furtively at each other for fear we would burst out laughing. It had gone beyond sadism into the comic surreal, like an apocalyptic version of Swinburne's The Whipping Papers."

Old Whig's Brain Dump points to a glaring example of how the cancer of liberal ideas is spreading. He links to a column by Thomas Sowell where he claims to be a conservative, yet advocates abolishing the Departments of Justice and of Homeland Security. What leftist rubbish!! How could John Ashcroft protect us from terminal cancer patients smoking pot, not to mention nude statues? How would Tom Ridge save us from the evil almanac readers? Then for icing on the cake, the famous kidney entrepreneur calls for increasing Congressional pay to one million dollars!! Pardon my cynicism, but this sounds like he plans to run for that job himself.

Clearly I made a mistake on my blogroll, by putting Spectre AWOL under "Evil Leftists". No doubt it was skippy's endless abuse of that term "awol" which misled me. Judging by Spectre's praise for good gun lovers like Ted Nugent ("Call me Mother Theresa with a glock"), I have moved him to the "Heroic Rightists" category, along with other Patriots like Jesus' General.

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