Saturday, April 17, 2004

Liberals have been blaming the growing public perception of the Democratic nominee's "Frenchness" on conservative propaganda, as in Spinsanity's "John Kerry's French connection". This is typical hypocrisy from the left bank of the blogosphere, which openly flaunts its own Francophilia. Dohiyi Mir used a partial quote from Louis Pasteur to title one of his own posts "Le Hasard Ne Favorise Que Les Esprits Prepares". TBogg entitled a posting "Excusez notre desordre", linking approvingly to a story about a manufacturer whose labels read (in the French text required by those socialist Canadians for products imported there) "Nous sommes desoles que notre president sont un idiot. Nous n'avons par vote pour lui." (See it HERE.) The capitalization challenged skippy shows his own French taste by writing "we were all set to go see hellboy, until we found out it wasn't a remake of a jerry lewis movie."

The Ketchup Consort's liens francais are undeniable, including a cousin who is the "mayor of the French village of Saint Briac". The French themselves are openly promoting him. Pascal Riche posted a collection of Kerry posters and banners on his La course a la Maison blanche, responding to Rush Limbaugh's calling Kerry "Jean F. Cheri" with "Mais Cheri, c'est un joli nom, meme en verlan, non?" Fabrice Rousselot bragged about how the remake of JFK has contacted a French anthropologist "afin de mieux comprendre comment battre Bush en novembre" at Campagne toute (ominously called "un blog de Liberation").

As Charles Baudelaire translated Poe in La lettre volee, "Les Francais sont les premiers coupables de cette tricherie". What do they hope to gain by putting Terry's Toy (TM) in Our Noble Leader's seat? Let's look at history.

The Alien and Sedition Acts, much denounced by today's liberals, were part of the Adams administration's undeclared war with the revolutionaries in France. (Think of them as the Patriot Acts of their day.) Jefferson ended that, and even tried to help the French by imposing an embargo that hurt British trade -- and American merchants. His payback for this treachery was the Louisiana Purchase. (Yes, I know the purchase came first, but this was just to preserve "deniability" by our former Ambassador to Paris.)

Those who complain that Bush refuses to recognize the International Criminal Court just aren't thinking as far ahead as the Crawford Cowboy. Picture this case before those judges from "Old Europe". France files a suit, claiming that, like Saddam, Napoleon was an illegal dictator, who was not authorized to transfer any property belonging to the French empire at that time. The court then rules in their favor, and orders the U.S. to return to France the entire territory of the Louisiana Purchase.

Why would Kerry go along with this? What does he get out of letting Paris rip away the very heart of our continent? Look on the map at the states which this would remove from the union. Only Iowa and Minnesota voted for Gore in 2000, while all the others were loyal Bush states. Return this territory to France, and Democrats will win all the Presidential elections from here till eternity. Good Republicans need to remember just what is at stake in this year's contest, and work to defeat this Democratic Frenchman as if the future of the party depends on it.

(Some of these links were found on Phersu's posting "Kerry et les Golems ". Though praising me as "cette grande gardienne des Vraies Valeurs", the blogger did complain about my bloglisting them "parmi les gauchistes malefiques, sans aucun doute par une confusion". To quote someone from a country without a history of appeasement, "Ich widerspreche, wie nie widersprochen worden ist und bin trotzdem der Gegensatz eines neinsagenden Geistes." [From "Warum ich ein Schicksal bin".] Therefore I have created a new category on my sidebar, and Phersu will now be listed not as an "Evil Leftist", but as a "Foreign Agent".)

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