Wednesday, April 28, 2004

In his April 28 Townhall column Jonah Goldberg (and I'll link to him when he starts linking to me, thank you very much) concentrates so hard on condemning John Heinz-Kerry as a spinning weather vane that he misses how really awful the Ketchup Consort is, and fails to praise properly the virtues of Our Noble Leader. Jonah writes "But if signing up for Vietnam proves Kerry's got the right judgment to be commander-in-chief, how come Kerry believes Vietnam was a huge mistake for America? ... Well, if Vietnam was a mistake, how does it demonstrate Kerry's good judgment?"

It's worse than that. What is really shown by that would-be sequel to JFK's volunteering for Vietnam is that he was aiming at the White House that long ago, and he coldly signed up to go kill twenty foreigners even though he knew that was a "mistake", just to help his own political career. There is a word for those who intentionally kill people for their own gain when they know that is wrong. The word is "murderer". Now if John-boy would prefer to claim he changed his mind later, that just shows he really isn't steadfast in his principles. Slaughterer or sail-trimmer, either way we don't need him at the helm. But enough of that wire walking juggler; the software is already written to guarantee his loss this November, even without the October Surprise.

By contrast, the paragon of patriotism that providence (with some help from Opus Dei) placed in the Presidency in this perilous time, showed both long-range judgment and invaluable discretion. George could easily see that domestic political pressure was going to make the wimpy politicians of that time cut and run, futilely wasting the efforts of hundreds of thousands of brave draftees. Liberals praise pacifists and draft dodgers who refused to serve, but give no credit to the ingenuity required to avoid becoming a sacrificial lamb to a failed no win policy in a war they condemned from the start. Add to that his cleverness in not writing foolish letters like The Clenis, saying don't send me to die for a country you'll abandon in a few years. No, George had enough sense not to leave any paper trail while saving himself, so that he could save our country in decades to come. This is truly the kind of far-sighted thinking which is making him one of the great leaders in American history. I'm sure that by the time he passes on (probably during Jenna's Presidency) we'll have begun carving his face on the side of Olympus Mons, his interplanetary legacy to the American Empire.

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