Monday, April 26, 2004

An amused reader has written that they might send me, as a gift for my Blogaversary (which, based on my old site, is August 13), one of these items of clothing, labeled "WWAT?", for "What Would Ayn Think?". Well, it's a cute idea, if they are made in "supermodel" size (a.k.a. "anorexic"), but although the words could apply to me as well, the picture makes it clear that these refer to someone else. While neither blonde haired nor blue eyed, she did at least share my contempt for liberals. (I also disagree with the architectural taste shown in that image, preferring the Imperial Roman style favored by America's Founders for symbolic reasons. Love me, love my columns.) Perhaps this will work out like "Being There", where a character becomes a sought after political pundit because of good suits. What could come from wearing a WWAT thong?

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