Tuesday, April 06, 2004

One more example of hypocrisy against conservatives has surfaced in Our Noble Leader's home state. Sam Walls, a candidate in the April Republican runoff for State Representative in Johnson County, Texas, has been denounced by "reformers" in his own party. They claim their calls for him to withdraw are not because of his views (he was endorsed by the Texas Right To Life group), but because the wealthy manufacturer of men's work clothes is fond of wearing women's clothes as well. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, filled with hubris, requires registration to read today's story, so I'll quote from it here.

"Walls dug in ... saying he would not give in to "blackmail" from opponents who are trying to use "very old, personal information" to force him out. ... "Now my opponent is using the private information in an attempt to intimate that I am a homosexual, which I am not." Walls said his family had "dealt with" the issue and he asked for forgiveness. "I apologize for any embarrassment caused to supporters by my opponent's disclosure of a small part of my personal past," he said. ...

"For ... Republican Party Chairman Jeff Judd, the photos of Walls wearing dresses and makeup were disturbing enough to ask the candidate to pull out. ... GOP Treasurer Roy Giddens Jr. ... met with Walls last week to discuss the photos and was assured there was nothing more than "cross-dressing" involved.

"And as far as Giddens is concerned, wearing earrings, a wig and high-heeled shoes does not preclude Walls from becoming an excellent state representative. "I don't have a problem with cross-dressing," Giddens said. "There are lots of them. People think J. Edgar Hoover was one of the greatest Americans that ever lived. He was a cross-dresser.""

But the snarky leftists always denounced Hoover too. Only rightists get attacked for their personal idiosyncracies, while those of Democrats are "irrelevant private matters". The left has the gall to claim they apply this double standard only to expose the hypocrisy of conservatives. For all we know, The Clenis might have been wearing that dress of Monica's himself, but there was not a hint in the liberal media about his "alternative lifestyle".

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