Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The left has begun to form their usual circular firing squad to help us defeat them, now that the Democratic nomination has been decided. At The American Street Kevin Hayden, increasingly bitter because most Americans still have faith in Our Noble Leader despite what Kevin sees as ample evidence of wrongheaded foreign policy, is ranting "if the Democratic Party plans to make another nuanced approach - instead of offerring clear alternatives - the only choice after 2004 will be a new, third party forever after." We on the right welcome that attitude, just as we have helped finance the vote splitting by the Greens and Nader. If Mr. and Ms. Clenis could take advantage of that hot air baboon Perot to sneak in twice with a mere plurality, so can we.

Later in the comments on Kevin's ravings HERE, one person shows even more cluelessness about what is really going on. Selise writes "i am still going to vote for kerry this time (unless he comes out in favor of a draft)". This made me laugh enough to spew expensive imported coffee. Here's the lesson in reality I posted in response:

"Selise: Here's the bad news for you. Kerry already has come out for a draft. He just isn't calling it that, which is typical of him. Go to his campaign web site at this page: www.johnkerry.com/issues/natservice/, from which you can download a pdf document that makes it clear what he has in mind. [UPDATE: Sorry, but in my haste, I posted a link to the wrong page. The correct link is to this one: www.johnkerry.com/issues/100days/communityservice_high.html. Thanks to Andrew Cory of Punning Pundit for catching this in the Comments.] Of course it's "voluntary". No one will be "required" to serve. They just won't be allowed to graduate from high school unless they do. You know what facing this world without even a high school diploma means to job prospects for the rest of your life. If not, check out any nearby slum and ask. And it won't require military service. It allows things like "homeland security service" instead, as well as the usual option of carrying bedpans. Of course, our real motive on the right is to get more troops to promote the American Empire, but we know we're more likely to get this passed if we let a Democrat take the lead and throw in that leftist bedpan stuff. Hence Kerry's proposal, and Rangel's open support of a draft. Then we'll use the "volunteers" any way we want. You liberals are just so naive."

[Side note: once again Blogger's spellcheck is ahead of the curve, suggesting that "Nader" should really be "nadir". In-effing-deed. That's just what he is for leftist hopes, and after the election we'll give him a Presidential Medal of Freedom, just to grind their faces in it.]

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