Saturday, May 15, 2004

We are supposed to assume it's just one more liberal rant against Our Noble Leader, blaming his administration for the "torture" scandal in Iraq.
Out of one side of its mouth -- the public, rhetorical side -- it condemns all forms of torture regardless of the need to secure intelligence. Out of the other -- the discreet wink and nod side -- it tells intelligence officials the gloves are off and they should do what they have to do to obtain life-saving information.
But look more closely. This isn't just political rhetoric. This is laying a carefully constructed groundwork for an argument before a judge.
The fact that photographs were widely circulated suggests a belief that superiors would not disapprove of what they saw. ... apparently decent soldiers believed they were doing what was expected of them. After all, the administration did approve rough interrogation methods for some high valued detainees.
This should be no surprise, since the article, "Covering up the coverup", was written by Alan Dershowitz, attorney for such upstanding citizens as Mike Tyson, Claus von Bulow, and O.J. Simpson. This "opinion piece" is really just his way of publicizing the case he wants to make in court -- defending the torturers by that old standby of blaming the higher-ups. He doesn't care if he has to tar the fine name of our most compassionate President in almost thirty years, just so that he can get his clients off. Anything for a fee, eh, Alan? "...we know who's the King of Lawyers, as the Good Book tells us...." --Stephen Vincent Benét, "The Devil and Daniel Webster"

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