Saturday, May 22, 2004

Amy Alkon of Advice Goddess points to a list by Luke Thompson which tells us all the things we fear about Kerry (or God forbid, Kucinich) winning:
If we had a president who is as far to the left as Bush is to the right, he would have done the following things:

-Given federal funding to the Nation of Islam, Church of Scientology, PETA, and the Madalyn Murray O'Hair foundation. Denied it to any organization that allowed open expression of Christianity. As a consolation prize, made a public speech declaring that Christianity is a religion of peace.

-Introduced the following acts: The "Meat is Tasty" act, to promote a vegan lifestyle; The "More Profits for Businessmen" act that would in fact cut CEO salaries in half; The "I Love Jesus" act, making it legal to bulldoze churches; and the "No Gun Left Behind" act, which would confiscate the guns from all Americans except Arabs who could show that they need guns because of their religion. ...

-Given one press conference a year, and insisted in talking in Ebonics at each.

-Passed legislation banning cigarettes from everywhere unless they're filled with pot, in which case smoking would be encouraged, especially by drivers and airline pilots.
There's more. Go shudder at all the prospects at "Bush League".

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