Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Blot out his name, then, record one lost soul more,
One task more declined, one more footpath untrod,
One more devils'-triumph and sorrow for angels,
One wrong more to man, one more insult to God!
Apparently one of The Four Hearsemen has fallen. Empty Days reports that Sullie has lived up to his nickname:
Well, it's official - Andrew Sullivan is going to vote for Kerry - chatting ostensibly about finances while his real reason is of course that gay-marriage "problem" - boo, how typically unstraightforward.
Now Akim's post may be premature, as this possible Judas may yet come to his senses. Pray that he was only speaking ironically in this comment (since he may be going over to the dark side, I'll quote instead of linking to him):
If you take seriously the fact that this country is headed toward fiscal catastrophe in the next decade, then restraining spending and raising some taxes in the next four years is almost as essential as tackling the entitlement crunch. Neither Bush nor Kerry wants to help. They're both cowards (although Kerry seems to have a better grip on fiscal reality than Bush does). So gridlock is the best option. The combination of Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress was great for the country's fiscal standing. Independents and anyone under 40 concerned with the deficit don't need a Perot. They just need to vote for Kerry and hope the GOP retains control of at least one half of Congress.
It sounds suspiciously like Rove's Folly, the HMO Amendment (for Homogeneous Marriages Only) has indeed proved a wedge issue, driving one of our own to treachery. It's not like anyone was going to propose to him anytime soon, anyway. The liberals seem to agree that they've split him off, since they have now turned their guns on The Blogfather himself. Without an Achilles Heel such as Sullie's, he will prove to be sterner stuff. Their gall knowing no bounds, they have begun attacking him as lazy. World O'Crap started spreading the meme with "The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations", which includes sniping like this:
See, Andrew, that's how he does it. The above took me less than twenty minutes to research and write (they don't call him "InstaPundit" for nothing). Anyway, Glenn announced last week that he had bronchitis or something similar. James Lilleks urged him to knock off the grueling blogging for a while.... We'd sure hate to lose him to cut 'n paste fatigue. So he too should take off a year or so, to rest up. You know, for the good of the world.
Intelligent bloggers should see through this as easily as Kerry's daughter's dress at Cannes, but apparently it is catching on. Even Don Typo's "friends" seem to be believing it. Sortapundit points out, with nervous laughter, an interview with the Poohbah himself. I can't see the joke, myself. It looks like they captured him perfectly, and he very wisely followed the words of our first Republican President, "Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.":
INDC: …do you have any current thoughts on the matter?
GR: I guess.
INDC: And, those would be …
GR: Heh.
INDC: Um … … forgive me if I’m not making much sense here, this is my first interview, and I’m a little nervous. In no way do I intend any ... disrespect, but the interview might be a bit more informative if you could, uh, expand on some of your answers.
GR: So noted.

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