Thursday, May 27, 2004

In the Senate in Columbia, they're showing Frist the Cat and Bugsy Delay just how to get their way, by doing whatever it takes. This demonstration may prove useful, if we need to eliminate the two term limit here for Our Fearless Leader.
A bill that would allow popular Colombian President Alvaro Uribe to stand for a second term passed another legislative test on Friday after a raucus late-night session in which a senator thrust a scorpion at a rival. ... Uribe, an enthusiastic ally of the United States, has an approval rating of about 80 percent thanks to his tough policies against Marxist rebels.

Early in a session that started late Thursday and continued past midnight, a independent who supports the bill, Carlos Moreno, thrust a plastic box containing a scorpion at an opponent, who brushed it away. Pro-Uribe Sen. Claudia Blum jumped on a chair until a police officer stamped on the scorpion. ... "The scorpions should leave me alone, and let Uribe play!" repeated Moreno on Friday morning in his gravelly voice. He has previously enlivened debates by bringing skulls, rats and human organs into the chamber.

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