Thursday, June 10, 2004

As the power of the last Roman emperors waned, some did not just stand at their posts, but went over to the other side. Such failures of nerve also occur at the beginnings of new world regimes. Several wimps are now jumping over the rails, resigning so that they can sell their lies to the looming Democratic barbarians they see as inevitable winners. We are carefully knitting their names into our register for the reckoning after November 2.

The latest outbreaks of cowardice (a word of appropriately French origin) have been sparked by ongoing revelations about U.S. policy on "torture" in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Guantanamo. In a typical leftist rant about these, Digby of Hullabaloo quotes the self-impressed George F. Will, who plays a pundit on TV, turning on his masters, in a piece called "Time for Bush to See The Realities of Iraq":
This administration cannot be trusted to govern if it cannot be counted on to think and, having thought, to have second thoughts.
That's just the sort of Hamlet-like second guessing that liberals would like to see us wallow in. Our Noble Leader remains close enough in the polls for Diebold to cover the spread, because the American people want someone who is not full of self-doubt, and who won't change his mind based on the latest scandals from those plagiarizing Tabloids for the Elite, like the New York Timorous. No, he doesn't have to "re-think" anything, because his policies are like the piano concertos of Grieg and Gershwin (in A minor and in F, for those who care): each wrote only one, because they got it right the first time.

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