Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A Republican lawmaker says it was inappropriate for a GOP office to display a bumper sticker declaring: "Kerry is bin Laden's Man. Bush is Mine." Kentucky Rep. Anne Northup said she found out about the stickers over the weekend and doesn't want any more distributed. "What campaigns need to center on, debates need to center on and the party needs to focus on are ideas," she said.
This just shows that even the good guys can elect intellectually unastute people to Congress. Why doesn't she understand that this is a very clear idea: The Ketchup Consort is not on our side.
Bill Garmer, chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party, said the sticker equates a decorated Vietnam veteran with Osama bin Laden - "one of the greatest enemies of the United States."
This too is an obvious failure to think things through. There were plenty of decorated Vietnam veterans who were enemies of the United States. They just happened to have been in the North Vietnamese army -- or in some cases, they fought against Ho's hordes, but then went back home to France and became one of the appeasers of Old Europe.

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