Thursday, August 26, 2004


Some of us were dubious about attempting to reuse a discarded candidate from another state to challenge the Kenyan Keynoter for the old seat of Senator "talking real money". Our worst fears have been realized. According to the Sun-Times:
Declaring "the front line of the war against terror once again involves the citizens," Republican Alan Keyes said Tuesday he believes the U.S. Constitution grants properly trained private individuals the right to own and carry machine guns.

"You're not talking about giving citizens access to atom bombs and other things," the former presidential candidate said. "That's ridiculous."
This is a total sellout by a perennial loser, now so literally gun-shy of the "moderate" Republican voters in Illinois that he prevaricates about the Bill of Rights. Nowhere in the relevant second, ninth, or tenth amendments to the Constitution does it say that only "properly trained" citizens are entitled to such armament.

The slippery slope here should be obvious. Several legislators have introduced bills to take away young people's driver's licenses for offenses, such as truancy, which had nothing to do with driving. If we have to be certified as "trained" to protect ourselves with Uzis against limp-wristed hordes trying to force us into same-sex marriages, how long will it be before the powers that usurp will start denying us our permits just because we don't recycle our trash, or obey whatever else is the latest politically correct?

Keyes is desperately trying to prove he's "reasonable" by ceding to the state power to decide what we need to defend ourselves. The out-of-state egghead no doubt absorbed this poison while pandering to professors to procure his Ph.D. This blue state refugee doesn't know what neighborhoods are like out in Real America. He has no idea how well armed the Drive-by Democrats are, with their profits from pornography and drugs. His fellow elitist experts from the Left and the Left Behind Coasts mock sensible people concerned about Syrian "musicians", killing us softly with their sacks of "Big Macs" when trapped in jets with them. Alan should pay attention to the unbrainwashed mainstream, not the belittling liberal "intelligentsia".

And no, I refuse to shrink from the ultimate consequence which he mockingly holds up as a "straw bomb". Think of a nightmare world, where President Kerry's Attorney General, She Who Must Not Be Named, having given up her Senate seat from New York for real power, allows the E. U. to disarm and inspect this country for WMDs. With the U.S. out of the way, the stealth commies would come out of hiding in Russia, and march their troops to occupy all of Europe. Next they would join with the Chinese for a joint occupation of America. On that dark day, if there are no nuclear weapons in private hands, how would we defend our native land? When Stalin and Mao's Old World Order attempts to annex us, such outlaw armaments would be our only hope. Legalize private H-bombs now, before it's too late.

As for the Illinois GOP, they have displayed moral bankruptcy all year. Before importing this doctor of political malpractice, they nominated a man guilty of attempted interplanetary miscegenation to face the liberal's unfair-haired Hawaiian hero. Now that their second choice is also self-destructing, they still have a chance (if they act TODAY, which is the last deadline for changing their nominee) to put up someone who will really stir the base voters. With a military record no Swift Boaters will attack, General J.C. Christian has offered to serve. Those losing wastrels who let Lincoln's legacy slip away should seize this unparalled opportunity while they can.

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