Monday, August 23, 2004

You can find this news leak at: Dohiyi Mir:
The GOP has offered a preview of the main plank of the platform they will unveil at the upcoming Republican National Convention: John Kerry wasn't killed in Vietnam, so he is unfit to be Commander-in-Chief. ...

"But really, if John Kerry were a real war hero," he continued, "he'd have gotten himself killed like Captain Humbert 'Rocky' Versace. Now that's a guy who could be President. Kerry? Just has some shrapnel still stuck in his thigh to this day. Oh, boohoohoo, my leg hurts! How un-Presidential is that?"
If The Ketchup Consort really should take this to heart, he can still do the honorable thing. All he has to do is leave a note blaming his suicide on PTSD from Vietnam. I'm sure the RNC would then apologize for questioning this man's qualifications, admitting that he proved he was capable of having being President after all. Go for it, John.

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