Friday, August 20, 2004

Sometimes you just have to read the fine print. Buried deep within this Zogby poll is this gem:
Voters with active passports prefer Kerry 58% to 35%, while those without a passport are for Bush 48% to 39%.
The prescription is obvious. We can help ensure Our Noble Leader's second term by having the Republican majority in Congress pass an emergency anti-terrorism bill requiring all holders of U.S. passports to renew theirs this fall. A simple cross-check against voter registrations can tell us which ones need to be "suspended pending further review". (We shouldn't actually revoke them until after election day.) If Zogby is right, then a very large number of newly travel-challenged people will suddenly change their minds and vote against that former resident of Europe and his African spouse. Nothing concentrates the mind like knowing you can't escape.

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