Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe plans to observe the US presidential election this year, concerned by the disputed results in 2000, a spokeswoman said. ... The US State Department said it welcomed the OSCE's decision to send a team and denied it meant the fairness of the upcoming US election was in doubt.
It's no surprise that Colin's sycophants wimped out on this and said "Y'all come on in," but Our Noble Leader should be worried. Remember all those liberal denunciations of Bill Rehnquist during his confirmation hearings for Chief Justice? They claimed he had tried to intimidate minority voters in Arizona, just by asking them simple questions about Constitutional law to make sure they were qualified. I always dismissed that as silly partisan paranoia, but this article makes me wonder if maybe they were right, for the first time in their lives. We should recall the words of Len Deighton: "Eternal paranoia is the price of liberty; vigilance is not enough."

I've been a poll watcher before myself. (Doesn't that fill you with confidence in our election system?) I remember hearing one voter denounce as "intimidating" the appearance at the polls of an armed law enforcement officer, who only came to escort a technician from the election office. What I wanted to ask this obvious Democrat was, well, did the presence of his gun scare you into voting Republican? If so, as Martha would say on visiting days at her new barred residence, that's a good thing. Now we need to consider seriously whether the presence of European "observers" is planned to scare good conservative voters into voting for the French candidate for President this fall.

Remember how The Ketchup Consort was bragging about all those foreign leaders telling him they hoped he would win? This looks like proof he was telling the truth after all. Now they're sending multilingual Orcs to ogle our balloting. Don't most states prohibit non-voters in the polls unless they are official poll watchers? Don't most of them require poll watchers to be eligible voters themselves? Is ignoring these laws the opening shot of the Occupation of America by the E.U.? First get us used to their minions snooping over our shoulders in the voting booth, then we won't be as bothered when they strut onto the floor of our legislatures and Congress itself.

Will they try to discourage male WASP voters with questions about the U.N. Charter? Will they be wearing their own E-Uniforms, or just a "small, unobtrusive" foreign flag? Don't let them get away with this bullying. Pester them until they give up and admit their true loyalty. Tell the police later you were only quoting Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 2 (Act V, Scene 3): "Under which king, Bezonian? Speak or die!" Otherwise we'll soon be living in that dismal defeated dystopia foreseen by Ward Moore in his classic nightmare story, "It Becomes Necessary".

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