Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A key Democratic senator yesterday demanded that the Bush administration explain how the name of a valuable Al Qaeda double agent appeared in the press last week.... The Times report cited both "senior American officials" and Pakistani sources. Yesterday, Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York, demanded the administration clarify which provided the name.
For months now we've been hearing liberals denounce Our Noble Leader's administration for unprecedented secrecy, including its refusal to release the names of those hundreds of terrorists in Guantanamo. The truth is that policy was set up to protect the innocent. Rummy knew full well that no one would believe the media's calling those people "alleged" terrorists, so to protect their right to a fair military tribunal, he kindly just sat on their names. I disagreed with this at the time, thinking this concern for their reputations was simply appeasing the ACLU. I wanted to plaster their faces all over the press, and promise that "They'll get a fair trial, then hang." Once more, pussy-footing politics prevailed over bold Old Testament justice. Now look how this has come back to bite us.

When we do give out names, what happens? Democrats desperate to dethrone our President now attack this as a "leak". They even play "gotcha" with his national security advisor's TV appearances, claiming she admitted that. As one of her underlings put it in that same article
"She was in the middle of making a point and he interrupted her, and she reflexively repeated 'on background,' but she was not confirming it and went on to complete her thought".
Those who disbelieve that as "spin" just don't know Dr. Rice. Her blindly repetitive adherence to the talking points of the day is so legendary that Karl refers to her as "Polly". But she just can't win. Hide the names, and it's an evil conspiracy. Reveal them, and it's a callous political plot. This is not a liberal "double standard" to criticize us; it's a simple single standard: whatever we do is wrong.

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