Sunday, September 19, 2004


I have written nothing about the tempest in a Texas teapot over TANG records and letters, and am not likely to waste time over that brouhaha. I do want to pass on something I found today. Someone linked to an old Calpundit interview from February, with a man whose name has been raised in this. What delighted me was THIS COMMENT:
Like it or not, George W Bush is our Commander in Chief. These stories from the early 1970s are extremely distracting and in fact harmful to our national security. Just today we learn that the South Koreans have cloned human embryos in a clear afront to the President and his Council on Bioethics. Passing legislation in the US Congress will not stop the threat of cloning to our national belief system. The President could well have to take unilateral military action to stop this research in South Korea. Dentals records, arrests in 1968, physicals, HBS applications, old girlfriends. Just bees in the bonnet of our national apiarist.
Posted by: Wren at February 12, 2004 06:05 AM
Even more fascinating are the later comments, which either condemn "Wren", or ask if they were joking. No, it wasn't me that wrote or posted that (I sign the infrequent comments I make and list this web site), but I would have been proud to have thought of it. Provoking such disparate reactions is my joy. They remind me of Cerebus the Aardvark's great reply when accused of being ambiguous: "You can tell His Holiness that Cerebus has found ambiguity to be the very cornerstone of a successful foreign policy."

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