Thursday, September 09, 2004


I have mentioned before that The American Street, just to show how "tolerant" they are, allows me to post there as a token voice from the right. (For instance, I recently revealed there my discovery of the vile liberal revision of an old folk opera as an anti-Bush tirade, in "The Beggaring Opera".) Their suicidal pursuit of "diversity" reminds me of an old line that the capitalists will sell the Marxists the ropes they use to lynch the businessmen.

This week Kevin Hayden, the evil instigator of that site, requested suggestions for a new quote to replace the one from Twain he had been using on the sidebar. I was provoked into sending him back this emulation of Mad Kane. (Someone has to, since she has abandoned song parodies for mere haiku.) Try this, to the tune of one of the lover-liest songs from "My Fair Lady":
I have often surfed to The Street before
And the pixels always gave me meat to eat before.
Though I know I ought
To love food for thought,
Why, oh why, must it always curve left?

Are Bush crimes decried on ol' Insty's site?
Is Sully all alone wanting his own rite?
Civil liberty
Does appeal to me,
But oh, why must The Street just turn left?

Righties say that I have let down my side.
Posting my stuff there keeps me occupied.
I should concentrate
On more billingsgate
On my site which will never go left.

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