Wednesday, October 13, 2004


This week liberals are in a tizzy over Sinclair's putting on a broadcast of an anti-Kerry film before the election, saying this violates campaign contribution limits. This is just one more instance of how the left believes in free speech for them, but not for corporations. If all people are entitled to exercise their first amendment rights, why doesn't that include "legal persons" as well?

No one at Sinclair forced anyone to help pay for their Republican propaganda. On the other hand, the cultural "elite" insists on their right to force taxpayers to help foot the bill for "art" for their own good, like silly museum exhibits, archaic operas, boring "public" television, and many irrelevant theatre groups.

I predict that none of them will complain about the "unfairness" or "violation of campaign contribution limits" as several such groups across the country this month open a new play that is nothing but a huge anti-Bush crusade. "Laura's Bush", by the mysterious Jane Martin, is a so-called "satire", in which the First Lady, held prisoner by a right-wing cabal, is "liberated" by a dominatrix and a Kansas librarian.
She further dilutes the tale with a simultaneous three-way lesbian seduction among Laura and her lingerie-clad liberators that gets progressively mock-hotter until it culminates in a strobe-lit orgy. ... A ravenously sex-starved Laura ... spills the beans on everything from the evil neo-cons to what it means when Condi Rice "debriefs" George.
When even the theatre critic in Bush-hating Sodom Francisco thinks the play is "a disappointment", then you know it must be tedious indeed. Yet it is also opening in "Atlanta; Los Angeles; Seattle; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Detroit; Houston; New York; Philadelphia and Chicago." Check it out if you are in one of those areas, and judge for yourself how "fair and balanced" it is. This is a much more organized campaign than the old anti-LBJ play "MacBird". Don't try to tell me that there is no vast left-wing conspiracy.

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