Friday, October 29, 2004


The mass media, whose minions seem mandated to flunk IQ tests before being hired, would lead you to believe that the "election" is only days away. Some of us know that the real fight will last for weeks yet to come, in the counting rooms, the courthouses, and even the legislatures.

Of course we can be spared all that if Our Noble Leader wins by a massive enough margin to utterly demoralize the Dems. To that end many of us are spending days campaigning door to door, evenings phoning voters, and nights stuffing last-minute personal reminders about the polls. As I predicted weeks ago, even blogging has to take a back seat to this.

On the other hand, liberals should all accept the inevitable, take a larger view, and just turn to contemplation of more lasting cultural landmarks. To help encourage them in such aesthetic pursuits, I have posted some excerpts from a classic Spanish novel at Don Arbusto.

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