Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I've found the solution to the Democratic despair over The Governator's efforts to amend the Constitution so that he can become President. Following up on my previous post, "What Do Voters Really Want?", they need to nominate someone who clearly stands FOR adultery, as publicly as possible. Another upwardly mobile immigrant could be available if that amendment passes, since she just lost her job:
A judge accused of taking off more than her robes is now off the bench. Romanian Judge Simona Lungu resigned Wednesday in the face of charges she starred in an X-rated video sold in Denmark.

Lungu denied being in the movie and asked the state crime lab to investigate.

But the forensic experts concluded that is the judge in the sex video.

The porn judge has been big news in the Romanian press. Local papers have been running stills of the judge's alleged X-rated movie, "Secrets of Seduction."
There are some rather Nosferatu-like photos of the now ex-Judge HERE. Could this be the next Democratic star? Picture the debate when she runs for Veep against Secretary Rice.

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