Thursday, November 11, 2004

Governor Mitt Romney took his name out of consideration for a Cabinet position in Washington yesterday, telling White House chief of staff Andrew H. Card Jr. that he had pledged to Massachusetts voters to serve a full four-year term as governor. ... Romney staff members notified reporters that the governor would be delivering the news to Card on a trip to Washington yesterday.
Don't you know that Andy has just been on tenterhooks, waiting for this shoe to drop and dash their hopes?
Romney, whose trips around the country have fueled speculation he wants to run for president in 2008, acknowledged that the White House had not approached him about an appointment. ...

Romney's move to take himself out of consideration for a Cabinet post prompted Democrats in Massachusetts to tweak him. ''Thank God, the country is safe for another few years," said Philip W. Johnston, chairman of the state Democratic Party. ''Mitt Romney as head of homeland security is a rather frightening thought. He generally doesn't show up to work." ...

Bush's victory last week clears the way for Romney to give serious consideration to launching a bid for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination.
While his vacationing urge would seem to qualify him for the top job, there is frankly zero chance that this mushy Massachusetts moderate could ever move beyond a possible victory in New England primaries -- and only then if he is the sole waffler in a field of conservatives splitting each other's votes. However, his self-sacrificing devotion to his local voters is inspiring.

Following his example, I hereby declare that I, too, am taking my name out of consideration for Our Noble Lame Duck's second-term cabinet. Frankly, he's already given away the two most fun jobs, heading Justice and The Company. Now that I've ended the burdensome speculation about my taking a spot in this administration, I'm free to explore the possibilities of a run myself against She Who Must Not Be Named.

Of course, there are two ways to do that: run for the White House in 2008, expecting her to be the Democratic candidate and an easy target, or try to bump her off, or at least wound her, by a very bloody slash and burn campaign against her reelection to the Senate from New York in 2006. That role didn't seem to very be helpful to Alan Keyes' resume. Which way should I go? Would it be more fun actually running the country, or just destroying her as a political suicide bomber? Gee, which role seems to fit me best....

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