Friday, November 19, 2004


That 1848 quote from Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin, famously misattributed by the first JFK to an anonymous leader in the first French Revolution, describes the tailpipe-chasing behavior of the Donkey Party since their Mardi Noir. Their usual circular firing squad surrounding The Squandered Condiment is not their only determined demonstration that they've lost their ticket from Loserville. Following the example of Chamberlain at Munich, the Senate Democrats chose a leader who wavers toward the Compulsory Pregnancy Caucus, and voted for the "I'm a Patriot, You're a Traitor" Act. The self-loathing left side of the blogging world, lacking the courage of its own conniptions, is tripping over itself wondering how to appeal to voters that think women and gays are fine only in their places (the nursery and the closet).

Meanwhile the theocratic crusade continues unchallenged, laughing at the liberals busily knotting the noose around their own necks just to make it easy for their enemies. Yes, the places that voted for Our Noble Lame Duck this time once marched under a Democratic banner, but that was in the days when crusading anti-evolutionist William Jennings Bryan couched his anti-corporate rabble-rousing in religious rhetoric about crucifying mankind on a cross of gold. When The Free Press writes about the lack of national support for the Green- and Libertarian- funded Buckeye State Recounts
Democracy itself was lynched in Ohio on November 2, by both high and low tech means. Our freedoms may be the ultimate victim. But where is the Democratic Party?
the answer is, just where it was during all those other lynchings before the civil disobedience movement, when it nuzzled up to the local aristocrats supporting solid segregation: sycophantically sacrificing the speechless so as to stay sitting on its small slice of spoils.

Blog Reload has reminded starry-eyed believers in The Tooth Kerry what's really going on out there in those Red States they think they can stomach appeals to. For instance Jack Holgroth is urging a new design for the U.S. flag:
While beautiful, an ignorant foreigner might mistakenly suspect we were Astrologists or some sort of Stripe Fetishists instead of proper Christians.
He proposes adding the word "God" in very large letters in a new white stripe across the top. He admits this is a technical violation of the current flag law, but believes:
Given the strong Faith professed by our current President, it should not be a problem to convince him to allow this change should those who wish to stop the natural adoption of the Godly Flag decide to misuse Section 8g against it.
His suggestion is part of the site of OBJECTIVE: Christian Ministries. Its other activities include a banner ad pushing de-robed Alabama Chief Justice Roy "10 Commandments" Moore for the Supreme Court, a link to someone trying to rebuild Noah's Ark ("We are not building this ark because of another flood, but as a sign to the world of God's love and Jesus' soon return!" -- hopefully, with a handbook of English usage), a campaign to shut down the website of the Landover Baptist Church ("Their modus operandi is simple: post articles that take good Christian values and twist them - beyond recognition - such that they look arrogant, hateful, or just idiotic."), and an absolutely vital battle over a theological technicality you've never heard of:
Triclavianists hold that three, and only three, nails were used to affix our Lord Jesus Christ to the cross. While it might be true that three nails were used -- and, in fact, archeological evidences uncovered by Biblical researchers positively point to this conclusion -- it is erroneous, and theologically dangerous, to make this a doctrinal position. ...

The heresy in triclavianism is not the belief in the use of only three nails, per se. Rather, it is the insistence that fallible, non-Biblical sources of information should be used as a guide to important matters of Faith. Triclavianism is merely a pernicious symptom of a greater illness inflicting today's Christians: the allowing of Secularists to subvert the authority of Christ's teachings, thereby replacing Faith with skepticism and knowledge with ignorance.
The Filibuster Party at the local level once understood how to appeal to the kind of Real Americans who worry about such issues. It requires more than just taking them seriously enough to keep a straight face. When Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas, who proved his flyover country acumen by beating Bush XLI in 1964, was privately asked what he said to the racists back home, he was open about it: "You lie." The lesson was grasped by one of the radical leftist gurus in his play The Best Man:
...power is not a toy we give to good children; it is a weapon and the strong man takes it and he uses it and I can assure you he don't turn it on himself nor let another man come at him with a knife that he don't fight back. Well, that knife is at your throat and if you don't go down there and beat Cantwell to the floor with this very dirty stick, then you got no business in this big league....
Now if the liberals were genuine Christians, instead of greedy children pondering playing dress-up for church, they would be worried about whether such camouflage is worth it. But the secular humanists and semi-Marxist materialists are probably not familiar with the warning label about that, which, for their benefit, I quote in their preferred language:
Car que profitera-t-il à un homme s'il gagne le monde entier, et qu'il fasse la perte de son âme; ou que donnera un homme en échange de son âme? --Mark 8:36-37

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