Sunday, November 07, 2004


This week's losers are engaging in one of their favorite sports, verbal self-abuse. Not all are so meek as to inherit this world when Our Noble Lame Duck leads us off to Mars. One of their budding harridans, Ellen Goodman, objects to surveys showing a plurality of voters were chiefly concerned with "moral values". She writes
"There are a whole lot who believe that giving tax cuts to the rich and a deficit to the grandkids is a matter of values."
Certainly there are. It's just that we think taking anyone's money at gunpoint to give to the underserving poor is not a moral imperative, but a moral wrong. (That is only okay for funding those who have proven they are truly deserving by making enough money that they don't need a handout, like Halliburton). But I'm wasting my breath trying to convert liberals. If they really want to win elections by reaching out to the voters most concerned with values, especially spiritual ones, they should consider the example I point to today in "Faith-based Campaigning".

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