Saturday, November 27, 2004


Facing the futility of further misfeasance, Graham_72 has finally blogrolled me, declaring from Oz that I am his "favorite femme fatale blogger". I have practiced "positive reinforcement" of this good judgment by moving him from my sidebar "non-links" to the "wise folks" list.

His description makes me feel noir all over. I wish I could celebrate by posting my long-attempted political version of Robert Towne, but something about it kept giving me writer's block for months. Perhaps it was not knowing how the murder-provoking contest therein would turn out. Now that Diebold the public has spoken and we know that Our Noble Lame Duck will continue (at least until the clueless losers here take lessons from the Ukraine), maybe I can finally finish the thing.

On the other hand, lately I've been pondering instead something more like Tom Stoppard. It may be that The Mighty Mandate will move us on from thrillers to theatre of the absurd. Which would my legions of fans prefer?

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