Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Alex Carnevale at Neoliberal for Life spotted this in a column about the liberals' Mardi Noir by Alexander Cockburn:
A distraught young person called me in tears on the morning after. I tried to console her by saying that things looked pretty dark in 1980, when Ronald Reagan and the Republicans swept into power, yet only twelve years later we had a draft-dodging adulterer ensconced in the White House and the Democrats back in control of Congress for a couple of years.

This didn't help, so I rushed her back to 1956, when Eisenhower was re-elected and the skies looked dark. But only four years later we had a Democratic war-hero adulterer on the parapet of Camelot and the Summer of Love only seven years down the road.
He failed to draw the obvious conclusion from that history. Following the social stasis of Republican years, a chunk of "swing" voters, if you catch my drift, are hungry for a more promiscuity-friendly administration. Thus the Tumescence of Camelot, The Clenis himself, and that four-term adulterer in the wheelchair. Truman and Johnson only reached office as Veeps of departed misleaders. The seeming exception to lusty electability, Mr. Peanut, had the political foresight to confess in Hefner's mag about "lust in his heart". (Actually he was faking it, just one more of his lies to win.)

If the Democrats are going to win again in 2008, they should stop their pious pretense at pandering to red state "repression", and give pent-up people a prodigiously profligate pol. I suggest they run Barney Frank for President.

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