Sunday, November 14, 2004


Shari at An old soul turns, in her liberal despair, to the real opiate of the masses:
I haven't got over Black Tuesday and I don't know if I ever will in the near future. I'd say it's definitely time for chocolate pudding.
Thus she falls further into the clutches of a very dark and rich Old European conspiracy. AWolf at alone skirts the edge of the truth, observing the chaos in the Côte d'Ivoire:
This is pure unadulterated colonialism. The French have interfered with the internal affairs of a sovereign nation for the sole purpose of making sure the flow of chocolate is unimpeded. Oil makes sense but fucking chocolate?
And in the comments on that post, Harry of scratchings reveals the hidden nougat:
...the driving force behind French foreign policy ... [is] a group called the neochocoaltiers who resent not having a little empire anymore. They want to restore it and figure it's best done through the one thing we'd all die for, chocolate.
They have only barely begun unwrapping this chewy enigma. How does this tie in with that old boycott of those foreigners at Nestlé? Did The Ketchup Consort really want to lose, so that his European friends could sell more of their addictive concoctions to depressed leftists? Does this explain why Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, voted Republican for President? Did Our Noble Lame Duck propose that lead balloon about going to another world just to appeal to the wealthy and secretive Mars family?

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